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An abbreviation for Associate Professor. Cf. aP. aP. An abbreviation for Assistant Professor. Cf. AP. Applied Research (generally) A suffix applied (in parentheses) to non-tenured academic ranks involving research at an experimental scientific center, e.g. Assistant Professor (Applied Research). (Stanford) Appointee in Residence 2019-02-03 In the US system, you would abbreviate it as “asst.

Associate professor abbreviation

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a teacher. an instructor in some art or skilled sport: a professor of singing; a professor of boxing. a person who professes his or her sentiments, beliefs, etc. Synonyms for Professor Do I Capitalize Professor? AP Style holds that you should never abbreviate the title “professor.” Lowercase professor when it appears before a name. For example, The award was given to professor John Rubadeau.

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Charles holds an associate’s degree in health care. If you know the type of degree that Charles holds, you can use the abbreviation.

Associate professor abbreviation

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4 rows It varies, but it is most commonly abbreviated "Assoc. Prof." When in doubt, though, a good rule is to spell it out: "Associate Professor." In less formal writing (e.g. a student emailing a professor), it is acceptable to write Prof. Jones for all professorial levels. AP - associate professor.

AOPFLD. Associate Professor in the Field. AOPI. Associate Professor Investigator Track. AOPN. Associate Professor on Term. AOPPRAC.
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a teacher of high rank in a college or university who has a lower rank than a professor 2. a…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus associate professor - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums.
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av E Aneheim · 2013 — associate professor and given a tenure. During the BTBP is an abbreviation for bis-triazin-bi-pyridine, which refers to the nature of the central core common to  25 sep. 2011 — A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Organic Chemistry Emeritus at Princeton. University. quently became known by its acronym DDATHF.

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